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14 Easy Ways To Make Your Home Summer Ready

14 Easy Ways To Make Your Home Summer Ready

The long winter months are over and summer is here. The inside and the outside of your home need freshening up for the new season. Here are 14 easy ways to make your home summer ready.
07 Jun 18

10 New Trends In Bathroom Tile Design

10 New Trends In Bathroom Tile Design

Choosing bathroom tile that reflects your personality and style is easier than ever. No longer are you stuck with plain white squares. The newest trends are all about mixing color, size, pattern and texture to create a look that is uniquely YOU! If you're planning to remodel your bathroom, or if you are designing a bathroom for your new custom home, check...

03 Feb 18

5 Principles To Achieve Excellence

Why Should You Choose Meridian Homes As Your Builder?

Meridian Homes is a luxury remodeling and custom homebuilding firm. We are proud to have designed and constructed some of the most exceptional residences in the Washington, DC area. Why should you choose us for your remodeling or custom home project?

Each day, we strive to always exceed our clients’ expectations by achieving excellence in...

12 Dec 17

14 Gorgeous Fireplace Design Ideas


A beautiful fireplace can be a striking focal point in a room year-round. During the chilly Fall and Winter months a roaring fire can warm your home and be a cozy gathering place for your family. But, is your fireplace an eyesore and in need of a makeover? Or, have you always wanted a fireplace and know just where you would put one in your home if you could?


30 Nov 17

14 Home Bar Design Ideas

14 Home Bar Design Ideas

If you love entertaining in your home, a bar can be a fun and functional place for your friends and family to gather. A bar should be located where you will host your guests most of the time. That means your bar could be next to your kitchen, in your living room, in your great room, in your basement recreation room, or even adjacent to your outdoor living area. Need...

11 May 17

Colonial Architecture and Home Design

Colonial Architecture and Home Design

Colonial architecture originated in the 1600's when Europeans were settling in the new American colonies. There were variations of colonial architecture in different regions of the country but they all had certain features in common, such as symmetrical design, steep or gabled roofs, large chimneys and double-hung, multi-paned windows. 

Today, the term...

22 Mar 17

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