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Our Guide To Selecting A Material For Your New Kitchen Sink

Making Your Sink A Focal Point In Your Kitchen Design

As you plan for your new kitchen, whether you are remodeling or building a custom home, weigh how each selection you make will fit within your overall design and your budget. Your kitchen sink should be a key element in your design, so it shouldn't be boring and simply utilitarian. Of course, your sink must be durable enough to withstand daily...

09 Aug 22

6 Most Popular Kitchen Sink Styles

How To Select A Sink That Suits Your Needs And Complements Your Decor

Few fixtures in a home are as hardworking as the kitchen sink. It must be durable and functional, while also serving as a design element in a kitchen. You will make many decisions while planning for your remodeling or custom home project, but not many are as fundamental and important as choosing the right style of kitchen sink.

09 Aug 22

Home Remodeling Design Tips For Better Accessibility When Aging In Place

How To Modify Your Home To Make It Safe And Comfortable As Your Needs Evolve

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) defines aging in place as "the ability to live in one's home and community safely, independently, and comfortably regardless of age, income, or ability level."

Most adults would prefer to age in place for the feeling of greater independence and comfort that...

02 Aug 22

How To Choose The Ideal Tile Flooring For Your Home

The Pros And Cons Of 7 Of The Most Popular Types Of Tile Flooring

To find the ideal tile flooring for your home, consider several factors. The look of the tile must reflect the style of your home. The size of the tile must fit the size of the space where it will be installed to be visually appealing. In high-traffic areas like kitchens or hallways, the tile must be durable enough to withstand...

18 Jul 22

How To Choose Alternative Flooring Materials For Your Home

Learn The Basics About Vinyl, Laminate, And Rubber Flooring

If you want the look of hardwood or natural stone but the pricing and maintenance requirements are not appealing, consider vinyl or laminate flooring. Rubber flooring is another lower-cost, lower-maintenance option for certain rooms in your home. Here are the pros and cons for each of these flooring materials.

18 Jul 22

What You Need To Know When Choosing Faucets For Your Bathroom

Learn About The Different Styles And Types Of Faucets For Sinks, Showers, And Bathtubs 

A bathroom faucet is used many times a day, so you need to select one that is functional and built to last. The faucet you choose must also complement your décor in terms of style and finish. How do you pick a faucet with the right combination of features? Here are some tips to help you make the right...

06 Jul 22

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