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14 Easy Ways To Get Your Home Ready For Spring and Summer

Follow These Tips To Keep Your Home Well-Maintained and Looking Great!

Regular maintenance is essential if you want to preserve, and even increase, the value of your home. When the seasons change, take the time to spruce up the outside and inside of your home and make all necessary repairs. Now that the long winter months are over, we've got some tips for you: here are 14 easy ways to make your...

27 Apr 22

The Right Way To Clean Every Surface In Your Home

It's Time For Deep Cleaning!

Cleaning takes time and energy, but it's very rewarding when your home is hygienic and tidy. Understanding the right way to clean all the different materials throughout your home before you start will simplify the process and will help you to avoid making costly mistakes. Here's our complete guide to cleaning every surface in your home.

27 Apr 22

Designing Your New Kitchen To Fit Your Personal Style

Contemporary, Traditional, Transitional and More. What Is Right For You?

As you’re browsing through photos in home design magazines or on websites, you will see a wide variety of beautiful kitchens. Some are contemporary, some are traditional, some are transitional, and others are an eclectic mix of styles. You appreciate certain aspects of many different design elements but how do you know what...

17 Mar 22

How Do You Choose The Right Front Door For Your Home?

First Impressions Matter

The perceived value and curb appeal of your newly remodeled or custom home begin with the exterior appearance. Choosing the right front door for your home is very important because it links the aesthetics of the outside of your home to the inside space. Your front door must also be secure, energy efficient, and durable enough to stand up to the variable weather in the...

28 Feb 22

Tips For Selecting Entry Hardware For Your Exterior Doors

The Finishing Touch That Makes A Statement And Keeps You Safe

Entry hardware refers to the lock and handle installed on an exterior door leading into your home. In addition to providing safety and security, the entry hardware should visually enhance each door and complement the style of your home.

Accentuating your front door with the proper entry set can make a statement about your home, so make...

21 Feb 22

How To Choose The Right Windows For Your Home

Consider Style, Function and Energy Efficiency

Windows allow natural light into your home, provide ventilation, offer sound deadening properties, and make up part of your home's thermal envelope. They also add to the character of your home and help to define its overall style.

Today's windows are highly energy efficient and can save you money on heating and cooling costs. There are many types of...

15 Feb 22

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