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Should You Renovate or Build A New Custom Home?

Analyzing The Pros And Cons 

Does your house no longer suit your family's needs? It could be that your kitchen and bathrooms require updating. Perhaps you could use some more space, so building an addition may be the answer. But if you're considering a whole-house renovation, you should carefully weigh the pros and cons of remodeling versus building a new custom home.

There are many factors...

20 Jan 21

Checklist To Prepare Your Home For Winter

What You Need To Do Now To Save On Expensive Repairs Later

Winter is now officially here in the Washington, DC area! It's time to get your home ready for the cold weather, snow and ice that are headed your way. Not sure where to start? Follow our comprehensive checklist to prepare your home for the long winter months ahead.

17 Dec 20

12 Ways To Design An Organized And Decluttered Kitchen

What To Consider When Planning For Your New Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of every home- especially these days. It's not only a place for cooking and eating; it's a space for daily living and maybe even running your own home school.

If you've outgrown your kitchen or the space no longer suits your needs, it may be time to renovate. Or, you might be thinking about building a new custom home...

10 Dec 20

How Do You Choose The Right Front Door For Your Home?

First Impressions Matter

The perceived value and curb appeal of your newly remodeled or custom home begin with the exterior appearance. Choosing the right front door for your home is very important because it links the aesthetics of the outside of your home to the inside space. Your front door must also be secure, energy efficient and durable enough to stand up to the variable weather in the...

10 Nov 20

How To Choose The Right Windows For Your Home

Consider Style, Function and Energy Efficiency

Windows have two functions: they allow natural light into your home and provide ventilation. However, they also add to the character of your home and help to define its overall style. Today's windows are highly energy-efficient and will save you money on heating and cooling costs. There are many types of windows to choose from, and it's best to...

28 Oct 20

Moving In: 5 Ways to Expand Your Home and Share Space with Aging Parents

How To Live Together While Maintaining Privacy And Independence

Multi-generational living can be beneficial for the entire family. For instance, strong bonds can be formed amongst family members when they spend a lot of time together. Living with family can create a greater sense of safety and security for your aging parents, while at the same time, they can be trusted caretakers of their...

14 Oct 20

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