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A Guide To Choosing The Best Warming Drawer For You

How To Keep Food Warm Without Drying It Out

What is a warming drawer and why should you have one in your kitchen? A warming drawer is a household appliance that is designed to maintain a steady temperature without overcooking or drying out the food you place inside. You can prepare an entire meal in advance and keep it warm when dinnertime is still an hour away. Or, keep a single plate of food...

23 Nov 21

A Guide To Choosing The Best Beverage Center For You

The Benefits Of Integrating Hot and Cold Beverage Centers Into Your Kitchen Design

Having dedicated cold and hot beverage centers in your kitchen may sound like a luxury, but in fact, it can be a real convenience. For instance, putting cans and bottles in a cold beverage center will free-up valuable space in your main refrigerator. Certain beverages, like wine, benefit from being stored at...

23 Nov 21

A Guide To Choosing The Best Microwave For You

How To Select A Microwave With The Features You Need

A microwave is an essential appliance in any kitchen. From quickly defrosting foods to reheating leftovers to cooking complete meals, microwaves are designed to heat up foods fast and efficiently, which can make daily life easier. There are different types and sizes of microwaves and they are available with a variety of features. What's the...

23 Nov 21

A Guide To Choosing The Best Washing Machine For You

How To Make A Time Consuming Daily Chore Quicker And Easier

Dirty laundry is a fact of life. Some days the piles of clothing, linens and towels can feel overwhelming. A new washing machine would make doing your laundry quicker and easier, but with so many models on the market, it can be difficult to find the best one. So, where do you start? Our guide offers advice and information to help you...

20 Oct 21

A Guide To Choosing The Best Dryer For You

How To Select A Dryer With The Features You Need

Dryers have come a long way. The newest models are energy efficient and highly functional. They have settings that allow you to dry your delicates with cool air or bulky items with high heat, all for the perfect amount of time, and all at the touch of a button. You can even find dryers that have smartphone-compatible technology. With all of the...

15 Oct 21

A Guide To Choosing The Best Refrigerator For You

Everything You Need To Know Before Purchasing One Of The Most Important Appliances For Your Home

Whether you are remodeling or building a custom home, selecting the right refrigerator is one of the most important decisions you will make when designing your new kitchen. If you haven't shopped for a refrigerator in a while, you may be surprised by the many styles, colors, finishes and features that...

06 Oct 21

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