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14 Easy Ways To Make Your Home Summer Ready

Follow These Tips To Keep Your Home Well-Maintained and Looking Great!

Regular maintenance is essential if you want to preserve, and even increase, the value of your home. When the seasons change, take the time to spruce up the outside and inside of your home and make all necessary repairs. Now that the long winter months are over, we've got some tips for you: here are 14 easy ways to make...

15 May 19

How To Choose The Right Kitchen Faucet

How To Choose The Right Kitchen Faucet

From washing hands to cleaning dishes, a kitchen faucet gets a workout every single day. So, you need a faucet that is functional and built to last. But, you want a faucet that is well designed and fits the style and look of your kitchen. Selecting the perfect combination of features is important. Here are some factors to consider when choosing your new...

16 Feb 18

Our Guide To Selecting A Material For Your New Kitchen Sink


Choosing the right kitchen sink is very important when designing your new kitchen. Sinks are available in such a wide array of materials these days, how do you choose what is right for you? First, determine the overall look you are trying to achieve in your new kitchen. Is your style more traditional or very contemporary? Then,...

13 Jan 18

6 Most Popular Sink Styles To Consider For Your New Kitchen

6 Most Popular Sink Styles To Consider For Your New Kitchen

There are many decisions to make when you are designing a kitchen for your new custom home, or when you are renovating your existing kitchen. Researching all of your options and deciding what style is most "you" before you start the actual design phase will make the whole process less stressful.

You've heard the expression "everything...

13 Jan 18

5 Tips For Designing A Highly Functional Kitchen

How To Design A Kitchen That Works Perfectly For You

When planning for your kitchen remodel, or a kitchen in your new custom home, it is most important to consider the functionality of the space. How do you use your kitchen? Will you require gourmet prep areas or a simpler layout in your kitchen? Here are some tips for designing a highly functional kitchen that works for you.

09 Jan 18

5 Tips On Choosing The Right Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

5 Tips On Choosing The Right Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

It’s easy to get caught up in selecting the larger items, such as cabinetry, countertops or flooring for your new kitchen when building a custom home or renovating your existing home. "A project isn't complete until you've selected the right hardware that strikes a personal balance between form and function. These final touches will pull...

25 Jul 17

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