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10 New Trends In Shower Design

How To Make Your Shower The Focal Point In Your Bathroom

Bathrooms used to be utilitarian spaces in a home that offered little comfort or style, but all of that has changed. Today's bathrooms are luxurious sanctuaries for wellness and relaxation. Whether you are building a custom home or remodeling, you can design a bathroom that combines beauty and function no matter if your space is large or...

28 Mar 23

How To Prepare Your Lawn and Garden For Spring and Summer

Follow This Advice From The Experts

The secret to having a beautiful yard during the warm summer months is to start preparing in early spring. Bernie Mihm, co-owner of Fine Earth Landscape and a landscape architect, is an expert in this area. At Fine Earth, they do spring lawn and garden clean-up and prep for many of their clients, but with a bit of time and some guidance, you can perform these...

21 Mar 23

How To Select The Right Paint For The Exterior Of Your Home

Expert Advice On Exterior Color Schemes, Types Of Paint, Paint Finishes, And More

Having a well-maintained exterior will enhance your home's curb appeal and can increase its value. It's important to select a color scheme for the exterior of your home that is pleasing to the eye, will fit within the context of your neighborhood, and will complement the hardscaping, landscaping, and natural...

13 Mar 23

What You Need To Know About Home Automation

How To Make Your Home Smarter

Home automation is no longer a futuristic idea. It is about convenience, security, and savings. When you are building a new custom home or remodeling, it is essential to discuss your home automation objectives with your builder and architect during the earliest stages of planning and design. Having the proper wiring and wireless access points installed during the...

28 Feb 23

What Is The Difference Between Remodeling And Renovating A Kitchen?

Find Out Which Type Of Home Improvement Project Fits Your Needs

The terms "kitchen remodeling" and "kitchen renovating" are often used interchangeably, but they do have different meanings. Both will improve the aesthetics of your kitchen, but there are certain benefits and key differences between remodeling and renovating. Let's explore what's involved with each type of home improvement project...

14 Feb 23

The Basics Of Lighting Design For Your Home

How To Illuminate Your Home The Right Way

Lighting plays an essential role in interior design. A good lighting plan will serve two purposes. First, the lighting should be functional and useful. Second, the lighting should set the proper mood and tone in a room. 

There are 3 types of home lighting - ambient, task, and accent - and each one meets a particular need. One type of lighting cannot do it...

31 Jan 23

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