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How To Get Your Home Ready For Spring

Posted by Alexa Lerner on Mar 14, 2024 6:20:00 PM

Here's Your Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

After months of cold temperatures and snow, the new season is finally here! Use our checklist to get a jumpstart on your maintenance tasks so your home is ready for spring.

How To Get Your Home Ready For Spring

1. Make Repairs And Fix Up The Exterior Of Your Home

Check your driveway, walkway, steps, patio, and garage floor for damage. Cracks or breaks can happen when materials expand and contract as the temperatures change from warm to cold and back again. Fix the damage and pressure wash all surfaces. Stain and seal your deck and porches, inspect the railings for splintering and rot, and make sure everything is secure and meets safety standards.

Inspect your roof for cracked or missing shingles and examine the flashing around the vents and the chimney. Then, hire a professional to clean out the chimney. To freshen the look of the exterior of your home, caulk around all holes and cracks, then paint or stain the siding, trim, and doors.

How To Get Your Home Ready For Spring - Repair and Fix Up The Exterior

2. Prep The Yard 

It's time to do the post-winter clean-up! Clear the weeds, leaves, and other debris from your yard. Inspect your trees and shrubs, trim damaged branches, and add new mulch to the beds. Collect your supplies and determine what you need to get your garden growing and ready for spring.

Clean-up around the heat pump or AC compressor to ensure proper operation of your HVAC system. Reconnect your hoses and make sure the sprinkler system is working, if you have one. Remove any caked-on mud and grass from your lawn mower and get it serviced by having the oil drained and replaced, the parts lubricated, and the blades sharpened.

How To Get Your Home Ready For Spring - Prep The Yard

3. Clean The Gutters

Get rid of debris, animal nests, leaves, and sticks that can clog gutters and cause water damage in your home. Flush out the downspouts and inspect the joints before spring rainstorms arrive. Unless you feel safe and secure working on a tall ladder, it is best to hire a professional for this task.

How To Get Your Home Ready For Spring - Clean The Gutters

4. Get The Outdoor Furniture Ready

It's almost time to dine outdoors and sit in the warm sunshine. Remove your outdoor furniture and cushions from winter storage and scrub it all with soap and water. Check to see if your wood furniture needs to be sanded, stained, and sealed or if your metal pieces have rusted and require painting and sealing.

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How To Get Your Home Ready For Spring - Outdoor Furniture

5. Scrub The Grill

Clean your grill inside and out. Use oven cleaner to remove burnt-on grime and grease from the grates. Scrub the outside of the grill with soap and water, and don't forget to clean the grill cover, too. Check the fuel tank and hoses for any damage and make sure the connections are tight.

How To Get Your Home Ready For Spring - Scrub The Grill

6. Buy Some New Outdoor Decor

Enhance the curb appeal of your home by sprucing up your front door with a spring wreath and a new doormat. Add some window boxes, hanging baskets, or planters to the front and rear of your home and fill them with flowers and greenery for a pop of color that will last throughout the spring and summer. Decorate your backyard by draping cafe, lantern, or twinkling fairy lights over your patio or deck area. Buy some colorful or patterned cushions and an outdoor rug to add style to your space. 

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How To Get Your Home Ready For Spring - Buy Some New Outdoor Decor - 2

7. Service The HVAC System And Change The Filters

Schedule a preventative maintenance check for your air conditioner to ensure that it is operating properly before the warmer weather arrives. Change the air filters regularly so your HVAC system pushes healthy air into your home and runs efficiently. Clean your whole-home humidifier and hire a professional to clean out your air vents.

How To Get Your Home Ready For Spring - Service The HVAC System

8. Check For Cracks, Moisture, And Mold

Check your home's foundation, basement, and crawl spaces for dampness or mold which could mean water is seeping up from the ground into your home. Test the sump pump to make sure it is in good working order so that water does not back up into your home when it rains. Inspect all drywall, wood trim, baseboards, and flooring materials around your home for signs of mold, water, or other damage. Take a look at your plumbing fixtures in the kitchen and bathrooms and repair any leaks or dripping faucets. 

How To Get Your Home Ready For Spring - Check For Cracks, Moisture, and Mold

9. Inspect And Clean The Windows And Glass Doors

Clean your windows and glass doors to make them sparkly and shiny, and don't forget to wash the window screens. Dust all of your blinds and shades and vacuum your drapes. Replace crumbling caulk and worn-out weather-stripping around your windows to keep your air conditioning from escaping through cracks and crevices.

How To Get Your Home Ready For Spring - Inspect and Clean Windows and Glass Doors

10. Declutter And Deep Clean Your Home

Spring cleaning means decluttering too. Go through each room in your home and make piles of items to keep, toss, and donate. Put out-of-season clothing and other items into labeled bins and store them. Dust each room, clean the baseboards, vacuum the floors, and mop. Scrub the grout in the bathrooms and kitchen, and regrout if necessary. Freshen the drains and remove hard-water buildup from showerheads and faucets with a solution of baking soda, white vinegar, and water. 

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How To Get Your Home Ready For Spring - Declutter and Deep Clean Your Home

11. Shampoo The Carpets, Rugs, and Furniture

Vacuum your carpets, rugs, and furniture to remove all visible and hidden dirt. Then hire a professional to do the deep cleaning or rent industrial grade equipment to do it yourself. To prevent damaging the fibers, allow your carpets and rugs to fully dry before walking on them. 

How To Get Your Home Ready For Spring - Shampoo Carpets, Rugs and Furniture

12. Freshen-Up The Appliances

Use specialized cleaners in the washing machine, dishwasher, garbage disposal, and coffee maker at the start of every new season. Remove the bins and shelves in the refrigerator and clean them with soapy water to get rid of food bacteria and spillage. Wipe down the entire interior of the refrigerator and replace the water filters. Clean out the dryer vent and change the filter in the range hood. Run the self-cleaning function in your ovens or use an oven cleaner to remove baked on grime and gunk. Buy stainless steel cleaner or mix dish detergent and hot water to clean the exteriors of your appliances and use a microfiber cloth to dry and buff them.

How To Get Your Home Ready For Spring - Freshen Up The Appliances

13. Polish The Countertops And Wipe Down The Cabinets

With a soft sponge, clean your countertops and cabinets with soapy, hot water and rinse well. Never use harsh or abrasive cleaners. Use a microfiber cloth to dry the countertops and remove spots. To bring back shine and luster, use specialized products to polish or seal granite, quartz, or marble countertops, but be careful to use the correct sealant or polish to avoid damage. 

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How To Get Your Home Ready For Spring - Polish The Countertops and Wipe Down The Cabinets

14. Paint The Interior

Refresh the interior of your home with a new coat of paint. Use the same colors you currently have or pick entirely new colors to change the look of a room or two. Test various hues so you can be sure the one you choose meets the vision you have for your space.

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How To Get Your Home Ready For Spring - Paint The Interior and The Exterior - Stock Photo

15. Test The Carbon Monoxide And Smoke Detectors

Change the batteries and test your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors to make sure they are in working order. Have a fire extinguisher in your kitchen in case of emergency and check to see that it has not expired.

How To Get Your Home Ready For Spring - Test The CO and Smoke Detectors

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