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How To Design The Perfect Mudroom For Your Home

Posted by Alexa Lerner on Feb 12, 2024 12:00:00 PM

Creating A Mudroom That Embraces Functionality And Style

When designed properly, a mudroom should be the hardest working part of the home. As the informal entryway, it serves as the bridge between the outdoors and the indoors. A well-planned mudroom offers various forms of storage like cubbies, built-in lockers, drawers, shelves, and a closet for essential items such as coats, shoes, sports equipment, and more. For families with pets, the mudroom can be the ideal spot for a custom washing and feeding station for their furry friends.

In addition to being highly functional, a mudroom should be user-friendly and decorated to showcase your personal style. Whether it is a dedicated space, or doubles as a laundry room, your mudroom deserves unique design attention. Here are 10 ideas for inspiration as you plan for your new space. 

How To Design The Perfect Mudroom For Your Home - 1A

1. Keep It All Organized

The main function of a mudroom is to keep all your items stored in an organized fashion. Maximum storage capacity can be achieved in many ways. Keep outerwear neat and behind closed doors in a closet that has double-hanging rods and shelving. If the closet doesn't provide enough storage space, or is simply too cluttered, a custom-built unit that is divided into lockers for each member of the family can be a great addition to your mudroom. Each locker should have hooks for coats and keys, and room for backpacks and purses. Cubbies with bins can hold gloves and hats or other items that are not used regularly. Shelving or drawers under the lockers can be used to house shoes or small pieces of athletic equipment. Larger pieces of sports equipment, umbrellas, and outdoor toys can be stored in tall bins or baskets, or inside a locker that has a door.

If you have small children, make sure you install hooks that are "kid height" in case they can't reach the higher hooks or rods. That way, each child can have a dedicated place to hang his or her jacket as soon as he or she walks in the door. Wall hooks next to the door are also a convenient place to hang pet leashes.

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2. Keep It All Clean

Having a utility sink in the mudroom can be very useful. It can serve as a hand washing station, a place to soak delicate clothing, or a repository for muddy shoes or boots. Install a drying rack nearby that can fold flat against the wall when not in use to hang wet towels or clothes. Extend your workspace by adding a countertop with an easy-to-clean surface. It can be the perfect place to fold laundry or to keep items, such as soap or detergents, that need to be within reach.

How To Design The Perfect Mudroom For Your Home - Keep It Clean

3. Keep The Pets Clean Too

A new trend in mudroom design is to include a pet cleaning station. Before Spot tracks dirt into your home, wash him or her in a customized shower that has a curbless entry which makes it easy to move large pets in and out. If you prefer bathing your small pets, install an extra-deep sink with steps that lead up to it. When they are not needed, the steps can be hidden away in a drawer that slides under the sink. A hand-held faucet should be mounted to the wall near the shower or sink so that rinsing is easy for you and stress-free for your pet. Make sure you add a shelf or ledge to hold the shampoo and brushes, too. Cover the floor and surrounding walls with durable, scratch resistant tile or other material that is easy to clean and non-slip when wet. To keep everything organized and contained to one area of your home, plan for built-in pet crates and a feeding station in your new mudroom. 

How To Design The Perfect Mudroom For Your Home - Keep The Pets Clean Too

4. Consider Location, Location, Location

A mudroom should be conveniently situated inside the entry that your family uses most often. That means the mudroom is typically in a high-traffic area off the garage, or near a side or back door. When designing your space, be sure to select durable materials, fabrics, and paint that can be cleaned easily and will withstand the elements that are tracked inside by family members, pets, and guests. 

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5. Make A Multi-Purpose Space

A mudroom/laundry room combo can be a very efficient use of space in your home. Any dirty or wet clothes that come into the mudroom can go straight into the washer. Clean clothes can go right from the dryer back into a child's sports bag, making it easy to get ready for the next day's activities. Include a sink for handwashing, a counter for folding laundry, and plenty of cabinets and cubbies for storage so that your multi-purpose space is highly functional.  

How To Design The Perfect Mudroom For Your Home - Multi-Purpose Space

6. Have A Seat

A bench is a must-have item in a mudroom. Kids and adults need a place to sit when putting on or taking off their shoes, so include a built-in, custom-made bench in the plans for your new space. For extra storage, add hinges to the bench seat so you can lift it up and hide items inside. To keep shoes and boots out of the way, leave room for cubbies or bins underneath the bench. If you want to have cushions or pillows on the bench for comfort and a pop of color, choose fabrics that are washable.

How To Design The Perfect Mudroom For Your Home - A Seat For All

7. Let Your Personal Style Show

Don't be afraid to decorate your mudroom in a way that suits your personal style. It's the last room that you see when you leave each morning, and the first that you see when you come home at night, so it should be a welcoming space that reflects your taste. Whether your style is modern, traditional, or somewhere in-between, choose fabrics, materials, colors, and pieces of art for your mudroom that are aesthetically pleasing to you.

How To Design The Perfect Mudroom For Your Home - Let Your Personality Show

8. Add A Splash Of Color

Experiment with colors in your mudroom that may be too bold for other areas of your home. For example, paint the built-in cabinetry a deep, saturated shade that complements the high-activity nature of your mudroom. Or add bold pops of color with wallpaper, patterned tile, rugs, and artwork to make the space lively and fun. 

How To Design The Perfect Mudroom For Your Home - Add Some Color

9. Choose Hard-Working Materials

Choose resilient, easy-to-clean, and stain resistant materials that will hold up over time for your mudroom. Porcelain tile, ceramic tile, luxury vinyl plank, wood laminate, or concrete are all durable and attractive options for flooring. For the walls and built-ins, select paint finishes that are tough and washable, and that hide imperfections. All of the hardware on doors and built-ins needs to be heavy-duty and able to withstand daily use. 

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10. Include A Powder Room

If you have the space, add a powder room to your new mudroom plans. A conveniently-located extra bathroom provides a place for your family members to wash up when entering your home and will keep your formal powder room neat and clean for guests.

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