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How To Make Your Home Safe For Trick-or-Treaters

Posted by Alexa Lerner on Oct 31, 2019 11:56:00 AM

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How To Make Your Home Safe For Trick-Or-Treaters 1.jpeg

Halloween is here! Pirates, witches, superheroes and more will be roaming your neighborhood looking for treats! Use our tips as a checklist to ensure that Trick-Or-Treaters will be safe when they visit your home.

1. Clear Your Walkway and Driveway

Make sure that your walkway and your driveway are clear of bikes, children's toys, potted plants, gardening tools or anything else someone could trip over in the dark.

How To Make Your Home Safe For Halloween

2. Sweep Your Sidewalk and Walkway

Sweep away branches or other debris from your sidewalk and walkway. Wet leaves can be a slipping hazard, so remove them, too.

3. Secure Your Steps

Check to see that the risers of the steps leading to your front door are in good shape. Replace any boards that are warped and secure any bricks or stones that are loose. Wobbly railings should be tightened.

How To Make Your Home Safe For Trick-Or-Treaters 2.jpeg

4. Anchor Your Decorations

Take time to ensure that all of your decorations are held solidly in place in case it gets windy. If you have pumpkins or other items lining your walkway, move them far to the side so they are not in the way.

5. Light It Up

It's fun to create a spooky atmosphere, but make sure that trick-or-treaters can clearly see the path to your front door. Take a look to see if any of your light bulbs are burned out and replace them. 

How To Make Your Home Safe For Halloween 2

6. No Fires Please

A Jack-O-Lantern with a candle inside could be accidentally overturned and start a fire. Put lights that look like candles but are battery powered inside Jack-O-Lanterns instead of real candles. Better safe than sorry.

How To Make Your Home Safe For Trick-Or-Treaters 3.jpeg

7. Have Some Safe Treats For Kids With Food Allergies

There are many children who have severe food allergies. Have some small toys, coloring books or other non-food items to give to kids who can't eat the candy you are passing out. The Teal Pumpkin Project has more suggestions and ideas, so click here to learn more.

8. Keep Pets Inside

Pets frighten some children, and in turn, your pets may be frightened by all of the commotion of the evening. It's better for everyone if your pets are kept safely inside and away from your treat-seeking visitors.

How To Make Your Home Safe For Halloween 3

9. Greet Your Guests Without Scaring Them

It will be dark and a little spooky for young kids to begin with, and they don't need you jumping out and scaring them unnecessarily. Get into the spirit, but don't overdo it.

How To Make Your Home Safe For Trick-Or-Treaters 4.jpeg

By following these tips, you will ensure that the Trick-Or-Treaters who visit your home will have a safe and fun Halloween night! 

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