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14 Gorgeous Fireplace Design Ideas

Posted by Alexa Lerner on Nov 30, 2017 9:00:00 AM


A beautiful fireplace can be a striking focal point in a room year-round. During the chilly Fall and Winter months a roaring fire can warm your home and be a cozy gathering place for your family. But, is your fireplace an eyesore and in need of a makeover? Or, have you always wanted a fireplace and know just where you would put one in your home if you could?

If you are planning to remodel your home or build a new custom home, incorporating a fireplace into your design is essential. A wood burning masonry fireplace can give you that lovely crackling sound, but if you don't have a chimney or don't want the upkeep, a natural gas version is a wonderful alternative. Here are some beautiful fireplaces that we've built for our clients to give you some design inspiration.

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1. Floor to Ceiling Stone with a Wood Mantle

Floor to ceiling stone is an impressive design feature. This random-sized stone combined with a reclaimed wood mantelpiece create a rustic, yet updated, look in this family room.


2. Cast Concrete

Cast concrete mantles can be any style from colonial to contemporary and are fully custom made, allowing you to choose the height, design and color.


3. Painted Wood Mantelpiece with Limestone Surround

The wood mantle and built-in cabinetry are painted in a warm cream tone to lighten and brighten this lovely room. The limestone surround and hearth add texture and warmth to the overall look of this modern-style fireplace.


4. Traditional Wood Mantle With Flush Hearth

This traditional style fireplace is flanked by two vertical windows and features a painted wood mantelpiece. The slate hearth is set to be flush with the hardwood floor for a clean look.

14 Gorgeous Fireplace Design Ideas 1.jpeg

5. Limestone Fireplace

A limestone fireplace, in a unique design, is the focal point of this lovely farmhouse-style living room.


6. Random Sized Stone with Raised Hearth

A transitional style calls for a fireplace that is neither too traditional nor too contemporary. This random sized stone fireplace with a raised flagstone hearth strikes just the right balance.


7. Floor-To-Ceiling Painted Wood Gas Fireplace

Another take on a transitional look is this floor-to-ceiling painted wood fireplace. The inset-panel woodwork is striking yet not overbearing in the space. On a cold winter day, this gas fireplace warms the family room and the adjacent kitchen, too.

14 Gorgeous Fireplace Design Ideas 3.jpeg

8. Stacked Stone Fireplace with Flush Slate Hearth

A stacked stone fireplace is warm and welcoming in any family room. This reclaimed wood mantelpiece complements the glossy hardwood floors and completes the cozy look.

14 Gorgeous Fireplace Design Ideas 2.jpeg 

9. Dark Wood Mantle and Marble Surround

This dark wood mantelpiece is traditional in style, but the chocolate marble surround gives the fireplace an updated look. The smaller scale of this fireplace is perfect for this modestly sized family room.


10. Light Wood Mantle and Marble Surround

This tall, white, wood mantelpiece is a place to display family photos and artwork. The green marble with white veining used for the surround and hearth adds texture and interest to the overall design.

14 Gorgeous Fireplace Design Ideas 4.jpeg

11. Contemporary Fireplace

This family room fireplace is a distinctly contemporary feature that is in keeping with the modern design of the rest of the home. A contemporary fireplace is gas operated and usually does not have a mantelpiece, so the wall above is the perfect place to hang artwork.



This breakfast-sitting room combination boasts a floor-to-ceiling stacked stone wall with a gas fireplace and TV built right in. Custom cabinetry on either side of the fireplace has room for storage and shelving to display cherished items.


13. Master Bathroom Fireplace

The ultimate in pampering: soaking in the bathtub while a cozy fire warms the room! The wood mantelpiece matches the vanity and tub paneling, and the white marble used for the floors is repeated in the fireplace surround to create a cohesive look in this gorgeous bathroom.


14. Master Bedroom Fireplace

Imagine relaxing in bed on a cold morning with a fire blazing in this beautiful fireplace! In keeping with the bright and airy design of the bedroom, light-colored limestone is used for the fireplace surround and raised hearth.


Whether traditional or contemporary, gas or wood burning, a fireplace can bring warmth and style to a room. Check out various online resources, like Houzz, to get some more ideas as you plan for your renovation or new custom home.

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